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These sites are filled with information and games about money.
Gather as much information as you can on:
$$WAYS kids could save money and
$$REASONS why kids should save money

Sites to help you understand the whys and hows of saving money


Secret Millionaires Club - A new educational animated series with loads of extra information and games

Sense and Dollars for Kids - Think you know about money? Find out!

Investing for Kids- Learn the hows and whys of the smartest ways to save money

Kid's Finance - Teaches kids how to be financially responsible

Kid's Bank - More games and facts about money for kids

Family Education - Ideas for ways for kids to start earning money to save

Show Kids the Money - a site to help you earn money with advice on starting a business

More facts and games about money


U.S. Department of the Treasury -U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Facts

Dollars and Cents - Fundamental facts about U. S. money

U.S. Mint for Kids - "H.I.P. Pocket Change" games and facts just for kids

Kid's Money - Information and many more links to games and resources about money

Counting Money Game - Practice your skills at counting money

Change Maker Game - Test your change making skills at Funbrain!

Visit these virtual world games to practice good money habits!


Fedville - Money to earn and something to learn!

Math at the Mall - Play with numbers and give your brain a workout!

Minyan Land - Have fun, make friends, and learn about money!