Percentage           Report Card       What It
   Correct                    Grade             Means
100 - 90%                          4                    Advanced (above grade level)

    89 - 70%                        3                    Proficient (grade level)

    69 - 50%                        2                    Basic (almost grade level)

    49 - 0%                          1                    Below Basic and Far Below Basic
                                                                   (below/far below grade level)                 

          Student achievement grades are based 80% on class assessments and 20% on special long-term projects

All grades for class assessments are averaged for a final grade, minus the lowest score for that reporting period, unless the student has missed more than one test. 

If a student fails to make up any missed tests, all grades are used for the final average.

The average is determined by adding up all the test scores and dividing by the number of scores.

Projects are based on a rubric and the student receives the top percentage in each category (for example, if a student receives a final rubric score of 3, the percentage earned would be 89% - the top ).

          Student effort grades are based on completion and quality of classwork and homework. 

Classwork and homework is checked, but not graded for percentage correct.  It is our practice for the tests! 

If we do well on our classwork and homework, and correct it with Ms. Stierman during class to catch any mistakes and ask questions to clear up any misunderstandings, the tests will be easy:o)