Math and Science Resources

Math Wizards Practice- How fast do you remember your facts?

The Science Channel - create your own planet! Plus check out amazing shows like "Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole" where scientists contemplate mysteries like black holes and how the universe began... too cool for school!

New Math Program - Students know their sign-in and password for individualized assessment and reteaching tutorials for standards they are still trying to meet. Students should visit as often as possible to see their scores rise higher and higher!!

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More Challenging Math : Activities and practice tests

Math Games- from the BBC, great visuals!! Games and quizzes in all subjects

FOSS Web - this site relates directly to our science curriculum and includes vocabulary review and games to master the science content taught through FOSS (Full Option Science System) experiments we do in our class and at home. This site also offers some excellent web sites for students (including "Ask a Geologist") and has auditory recordings of out text book. A MUST check-it-out(ta)site!

Yahoo Kids Study Room - Great reference starter page for most facts from history to wild life

NASA - Our country's space program and the most up-to-date discoveries, includes games

Math training videos - Most mathematical functions explained visually created by students and teachers

Periodic Table Videos - Fun visual experiments and explanations to teach each element from the Periodic Table of the Elements (provided by Nottingham University professors and students)

Smithsonian for Students - Research facts for kids from the Smithsonian in Washington, D. C.

Internet Public Library - another place to explore and find answers.

Humane Society/KIND News -  The most up-to-date information on keeping animals safe, healthy, and alive on our planet!